Our Story

Welcome to The Shave Factory, a world class manufacturer of men’s shaving tools!


At The Shave Factory, we believe you don’t have to overpay for a 

great shave. For over 100 years, few shaving essentials were needed 

to deliver the best possible shaving experience: a razor with one high quality blade, a well-made brush, a solid bowl, and some soap. Today, professional barbers still use one blade to give their clients a perfect shave. 


So, why are razor companies now pushing razors with multiple 

blades? Simple, more blades mean you pay more. Be smart with 

your money and don’t be fooled!


We created The Shave Factory, because we are tired of overpriced,  over-marketed razors that deliver the same shave for 10 times the cost. That is why we set out to revisit and rebuild quality, precision-crafted men’s shaving tools. Retro-inspired, yet functionally designed, our collection includes a Classic Safety Razor, Ice Tempered Stainless Steel Blades, Hand Made Brushes, a Ceramic Shave Bowl, Shaving Soap and redesigned Styptic Sticks.


These shaving tools worked for 16 Presidents and millions of soldiers throughout both World Wars, you better believe they will work for you. 


Shave like a man.